Schools & Data

Schools love data. They have data on students, educators, and all sorts of additional metrics. To make sure your application stays in sync with their main data sources you should consider adding an easy way to import data (like class rosters) and an easy way to export data your application generates (say, student performance).

How should my application import data?
Clever offers a modern REST API for easily loading data into your application. Clever is providing challenge participants with free access to a sandbox demo data set that contains fictitious records for students, student contacts, teachers, and class rosters for multiple schools.

To get access to the Clever NYC sandbox APIs, click here. Have questions about Clever? Email

How should my application export data?
When designing reports and dashboards for teachers and administrators, make sure the data is also accessible in a machine-readable format (CSV, XML or JSON). Machine-readable formats allows schools to aggregate your application’s data with data from other sources.

More Questions?

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