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Specifically concerning Math?

Looking for confirmation that these apps are looking to specifically close the 'Gap' in Math skills, rather than a range of school subjects? It seems that way, just wanted to make sure.


  • Manager   •   about 8 years ago

    Hi Emma,

    Thanks for your interest in the NYC Schools Gap App Challenge.

    Per the Official Rules:

    (ii) Contestants must enter an Application in one of the following categories (the “Categories”):

    a. Instructional. Instructional Applications must do at least one of the following: (x) teach middle school students math individually or help them to practice their math skills; (y) help educators deliver math content or lessons to middle school students; or (z) assist middle school math educators with professional development related to classroom instruction.

    b. Administration/Engagement. Administration/Engagement Applications must do at least one of the following in the educational context for middle school: (x) enhance communication between a student’s school and parent or guardian; (y) help educators to manage classrooms or student groups; or (z) help educators to collaborate, share, or get feedback from each other on best practices, curriculum, or other educational tools.

    All the best,


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    That's great, thanks Serena. Have found the 'FAQ' section now :)

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