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Category Selection - Equal Fit


My Submission really is both Instructional AND Administration / Engagement, so I'm not quite sure which to pick, since it's both.

Do I submit twice? Does it really matter?



  • Manager   •   about 10 years ago

    Hi Zoli,

    Thanks for writing and for your interest in the NYC Schools Gap App Challenge. Please do not submit twice. We leave it to your judgment to determine which category the app fits into best. If we feel that it should be in another category, we may re-categorize it.

    Per the Official Rules:
    "(iv) Sponsor and Administrator may in their sole discretion re-categorize a Submission if they deem that the category different from that selected by the Contestant (instructional or administration/engagement) is more appropriate."

    Thanks again for writing. We look forward to receiving your submission.


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