•   almost 10 years ago

Competition iPad

Having trouble adding the iOS 6 competition iPad to my app's provisioning profile:

iPad (iOS 6.0.1) 6a2cb1d4ba2d242db1db48c59c91744cebfc68a

Apparently it's not a valid Hardware UDID. Help?


  • Manager   •   almost 10 years ago

    Hi Emma,

    I think you might be missing the final digit which is a "9". The UDID for iPad (iOS 6.0.1) is: 6a2cb1d4ba2d242db1db48c59c91744cebfc68a9

    Hope this helps!


  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    Thank you Serena - yeah the 9 was missing in the email sent out earlier today.

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