BiblioNasium, Where Kids Flex their Reading Muscles!

BiblioNasium is an interactive and powerful social platform that promotes literacy and supports & extends the independent reading activities for elementary and middle school students. This unique digital platform connects young readers to the three constituents that most influence what they read: their teachers/librarians, friends and parents to exchange and share favorite good reads. We inspire and support young readers to challenge themselves, set goals, develop discipline to read regularly, track progress and receive recognition for their reading achievements by earning badges, trophies and rewards; all in the context of a safe social platform. We have leveraged the capabilities of interactive technology to create a delightful experience and an engaged “virtual reading village” to motivate students to read and to create a positive emotional engagement for all. Most important we seamlessly connect the teacher and parent. We provide easy access to a parent to see what books teachers are recommending or requiring and to support the students' activities. All users can search for books based on "Reading Level" so that they can find the best "fit" books. We have an integration with Lexile® Framework for reading to provide reading level data on tens of thousands of books. We also generate summary and detail report for teachers to monitor their students reading activities. We are like the "GoodReads" for kids but with extra features to support this age group.

  • Social Digital Network
  • Like “GoodReads” for Kids
  • Connect Children to the 3 constituents that most influence what they read: Teachers/librarians, parents & friends
  • Customize, Catalogue & Track on virtual bookshelves, what they have read, want to read, their wish lists
  • Share and exchange book recommendations and reviews

  • More

  • COPPA (Children’s Online Protection Privacy Act) Compliant

  • Digital Reading Logs/Record

  • Virtual Rewards for completing reading challenges

  • Collect Valuable Data on children’s individual and collective reading habits, preferences, interests, favorite books by age, gender, reading level, grade, even location

    • Integration with Lexile® Framework for Reading – (Accelerated Reader & other standards coming)
  • Search function by Title, Author, Reading Level and/or Category

  • Tracking & Monitoring Reports for Teachers/Librarians & Parents

  • Seamlessly Connect Teachers/Librarians to Students & to Parents

  • Support Green Initiatives – Eliminate Paper Logs/Paper Reading Records for millions of kids

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