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almost 10 years ago

Why New York City schools need your help, from the Executive Director of Innovate NYC Schools

First off, thank you for participating in the NYC Schools Gap App Challenge. This competition is the first of its kind, and with it you have the opportunity to make a difference in New York City’s public schools. Innovate NYC Schools is thrilled to sponsor this challenge and inspire you to fill the gap.

Right now, 60% of NYC’s middle school math students aren’t at the skill level they should be. 46% are one grade level behind, and another 14% are two or more grade levels behind.

There’s no denying that given the right tools, educators can fix this disparity, but the problem is complex.

First, the problems for the gap are varied, and educators don’t have the tools to address them all at once. Educators can’t develop these apps on their own, and it’s hard to spread the word about the apps that are already out there. And finally, for the technologies that already exist, it’s hard to get them implemented in schools.

Innovate NYC Schools intends to fix that disconnect. Starting with this challenge, we want to make it easier for startups and edtech businesses to connect with school districts, and for educators to have access to the right tools. As a developer, you have the opportunity to be part of that transformation.

You’re part of an incredible community of innovators and educators, and we at Innovate NYC Schools can’t wait to see what you can do for our teachers and kids.

Steven Hodas Executive Director
Innovate NYC Schools


If you have any questions about the challenge, please shoot an email to and include “Gap App” in the subject line. Also, be sure to check out our FAQ page for a recording of last week’s informational webinar.